Can Heart Surgeries Be Done 2 or 3 Times?

Patients who have previously had heart surgery can undergo a second surgery; In some cases, surgery may be required for the 3rd or 4th time. However, heart surgeries after the first surgery carry risks.

Using minimally invasive surgery for second or third heart surgeries further reduces the risk. In addition, it is also very important that the surgeon who will perform the surgery is experienced. Open surgery may not be preferred in patients who have previously had heart surgery to reduce the risks associated with the surgery. The open area in the heart due to previous surgery may form severe adhesions. In some cases, it may stick to the frontal bone of the chest or on top of the bone. Therefore, opening this area may cause damage to the vessels and tissues in the heart. At this point, the experience of the surgeon is very important. With minimally invasive surgery, the risk is lower in heart surgeries performed with a few centimeters of incision, and patients recover faster after surgery and return to daily life more quickly.

Patients who need to undergo heart surgery for the second time must be careful not only about the surgeon, but also about issues such as diet, tobacco and alcohol use habits.