Complications After Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

As with all surgical operations, there is a risk of complications for heart valve replacement surgery. While the risk of complications is higher in open heart surgeries; In closed heart surgery, the patient is less likely to have complications.

Complication after closed heart surgery

Complications that may occur after heart valve replacement with minimally invasive surgery include atrial rhythm disorders, accumulation of lymph fluid in the chest and pericardial cavity, and brain neurological problems that may develop due to stenosis in the vessels. However, the risk of these complications is very low. However, problems such as the valve not being accepted by the body may also be encountered. In such cases, the patient's discharge time may be extended.

The risk of serious postoperative complications in heart valve replacements performed with minimally invasive surgery is very low. Since the surgery is performed with a small incision, the risk of bleeding and infection is lower than open heart surgery.