Heart Failure Symptoms

Heart failure occurs when sufficient blood and oxygen cannot be delivered to all parts of the body and causes enlargement of the heart. In addition, the heart's attempt to pump enough blood by contracting faster than the required rhythm may cause narrowing of the vessels, making it difficult for sufficient blood to reach the organs.

heart failure symptoms

Heart Failure Symptoms

Heart failure is more common in individuals with a family history of heart disease and in patients with coronary artery disease, congenital heart diseases, heart valve diseases and rhythm disorders. In addition to these factors, nutrition and lifestyle are also important factors in heart failure. Excess weight, alcohol and drug use, and some medications taken regularly can also cause heart failure.

Symptoms of heart failure are as follows:

  1. Decreased appetite and nausea,
  2. Shortness of breath and irregular pulse,
  3. Pain in the chest area,
  4. persistent cough,
  5. Difficulty focusing and feeling sluggish or sleepy

Early diagnosis of heart failure is important in reducing the risks of the disease and controlling the failure. Therefore, it is important for individuals with symptoms of heart failure to be examined by a cardiovascular surgeon.

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