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Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. draws attention to the importance of childhood in preventing heart diseases, which are considered a serious problem in later ages. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul made statements about heart diseases seen in childhood.

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul's statement on the subject is as follows:

Preventing heart diseases, which are considered a serious problem in later ages, starts from childhood. Heart diseases treated with correct diagnosis and treatment in childhood can be prevented from becoming problems in the future.

Heart health in childhood - cnnturk.com

Heart diseases seen in childhood are divided into three groups: congenital heart disorders, rheumatic heart diseases, and rhythm and electrical conduction disorders. Congenital heart diseases occur at a rate of 1 percent. The most common of these is ASD, known as interatrial hole. These types of holes can be closed very easily with surgery. The fact that it can be performed with a small operation, especially from the right armpit, is a great comfort for both the child and the parents. The same method can often be applied to the treatment of heart valves in children. Today, long-acting penicillin treatment until the age of 30 has reduced the frequency of valve diseases. In addition to regular nutrition, physical activity and sports in our children have reduced the incidence of this type of heart disease.

Heart diseases in childhood

1- Congenital heart defects

These are anomalies that occur as a result of inadequate development of the baby in the womb. These disorders, also known as heart holes, have many different forms. In addition, developmental disorders in the atrium and ventricles and coronary vascular anomalies may be present together or alone. This group of heart diseases is the most common.

2- Rheumatic heart diseases

Frequent throat infections are caused by streptococcal microbes, especially beta. This group involves heart valves and, although it is more common in developing countries, it is still active in our country. It can be easily treated with careful monitoring and timely intervention.

3- Rhythm and electrical conduction disorders

These are disorders that occur in the electrical stimulation and conduction system that enables the heart to work, resulting in slowdowns, pauses and accelerations. It mostly manifests itself in school age and adult ages. Congenital heart anomalies may also be present with this disorder, and this may be the cause. Sometimes there is no underlying cause. In addition, heart muscle inflammation and pericardium inflammation occur as the underlying cause.

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