Heart Hole Symptoms

Heart hole, or atrial septal defect as it is known in medicine, is a heart problem that is mostly congenital. A hole in the heart may also occur after heart diseases during adulthood. Atrial septal defect treatment can now be performed with high success rates.

Heart surgery

Although heart hole causes some symptoms such as fatigue, excessive sweating, and inability to gain weight while breastfeeding during infancy, these symptoms may be mild. Therefore, congenital hole in the heart may not cause obvious symptoms during infancy and childhood. Heart hole symptoms usually begin to be felt after the age of 30.

Heart Hole Symptoms

  1. In babies, getting tired while breastfeeding or not being able to breastfeed for a long time,
  2. Frequent breathing or choking and facial bruising in babies,
  3. Failure to gain weight and getting tired easily in children,
  4. Chest pain, fainting, palpitations in adults

Symptoms of atrial septal defect may vary depending on the size and type of heart hole. For this reason, while symptoms are noticed quickly in some babies, some babies have no symptoms and the disease is diagnosed in adulthood.

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