Heart Surgery Decision Making Criteria

If heart surgery is inevitable, you must first get rid of your fear and think logically. Therefore heart surgery decision making criteria It is important. It should not be forgotten that heart surgery is not death, but rather salvation from our heart disease. In addition, heart patients, pre-operative patients and disabled people can be considered; However, since the purpose of the surgery is to turn the patient into a healthy person, the person will continue his life as a normal healthy person, not a patient. In addition, today heart surgeries can be more comfortable, less painful and even less risky than gallbladder surgeries.

Heart Surgery Decision Criteria

Whether it is heart valve repair or replacement, heart coronary bypass surgery, or both, first of all, in what place, with what technique and to whom should I have the surgery? We must seek an answer to the question. Heart surgery decision making criteria This question is very important. After deciding whether we want to have the surgery with a minimally invasive method, that is, with less damage, or with the normal classical method; In this regard, after we do our research and make our appointments, we collect all our tests and take them to the doctor.

Heart Surgery Decision Making Criteria

At this stage Based on our patients' experiences We have briefly compiled the things you should pay attention to when deciding on heart surgery:

1. The surgeon will give you the necessary explanation after seeing the examinations. His ability to explain to you the indications (surgery criteria) in your examinations, one by one, is important in this regard. scientific and educationalIt reveals what. (For example, at what values of left atrium diameter, left ventricle diameter, lung blood pressure, requires surgery, or which vessel requires bypass on angiography, how many mm can bypass be performed on a working heart, etc.) In other words, surgery cannot be performed just because someone says surgery. At the slightest suspicion, examinations must be repeated. There are patients who are told that they need surgery even though they do not meet the surgery criteria and have been followed for years. Of course, the opposite is also possible; patients who have had their surgery scheduled and have been kept waiting, also apply.

2. Does the doctor answer every question you ask patiently, tirelessly, and at length without getting angry? With you empathizes Is it?

3. Is there any hesitation about using a minimally invasive technique or similar method? If he/she is in doubt, apply abroad or domestically. Is there any University study on this technique in your scientific publications? It is definitely necessary to research. Let's not forget that insisting on that technique may put your life at risk if the physician is not experienced.Heart Surgery Decision Criteria

4. The doctor will underwent a complete physical examination ? By getting to know your body during your physical examination, which scientific criteria are suitable for which minimally invasive intervention technique? What will be done before the operation? He must decide and explain it to you one by one. (For example, in cases such as those with COPD, shoemaker's chest, the respiratory sounds may be minimal in the armpit) invasive The technique would be risky.) If a decision is made only by looking at your examinations while you are fully clothed, the percentage of error will be very high and it will put your life at risk. Which intervention technique will be used is determined before the surgery. For this reason, do not believe statements such as if the surgery is not suitable for you, we will do it first! Because Body position at the time of surgery is determined according to the intervention technique decision. It cannot be changed at the time of surgery.

5. The doctor's detailed explanations, examination, patient response, and smiling face and self-confident attitude will of course impress you. Criteria such as the cleanliness and size of the hospital where the surgeon performs surgery in which you feel safe are also secondary.

If you have any doubt You should meet with more than one surgeon and make your final decision. In the light of these criteria and whoever your heart warms to, you can have surgery. Faith is the first condition for salvation from disease.

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