Mistakes Made in Buerger's Disease

Buerger's disease It is explained as vascular occlusion that occurs due to cigarette allergy. The onset of Buerger's disease is actually pain in the feet, but this situation is not taken seriously at first. As a result of the pain, color change occurs in the toes after a short time and over time, wounds begin to form. As a result of the wounds, the patient becomes alarmed and consults a doctor.

Generally, doctors prescribe some ointments and pomades and continue the treatment. It is seen that the treatment does not provide enough benefit and the wound grows and the pain increases. Thereupon, urgent peripheral computed tomographic angiography was performed and Buerger's Disease diagnosis is made. As a result, two methods are being tried. Either they perform a peripheral conventional angiography in the groin and try to open the clogged vessel with aggressive force using various wires and catheters, or they tell the patient there is nothing to be done and give him some medications. Conclusion; The wound on the toe grows too much, the infection increases in the unfed tissues, the amputation process begins and with each amputation, the cutting level goes up, amputation from the fingers, foot, below the knee, knee and sometimes the groin level!…..

Causes of Buerger's Disease

Causes of Buerger's Disease In addition to being genetic, it can be caused by smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke. Buerger's Disease It usually manifests itself in the 40s.

What to Do After Diagnosis of Buerger's Disease

  • The first thing that should come to mind is a wound that opens after pain in the foot or toe, that there may be a vascular occlusion. No pomade should be applied to the wound and the wound should be dried with antiseptic solutions. Because dead tissues that are not oxygenated are already very good nutrient media for bacteria, pomades applied on them dilute the tissue, causing the infection to increase and progress.
  • After the angiography, the artery that is completely occluded in any way should not be forced and the wire or catheter should not be pushed. Because in Buerger's disease, it is not the cholesterol plaques that occlude the inside of the artery. It is a soft proliferating (increased vascular inner tissue) endothelium originating from one side of the vascular wall and in the structure of the vascular wall. In other words, even if there is no opening beyond the obstruction, as it descends to lower levels, there may be an opening between the opposite side of the proliferating wall, which may create the chance of bypass, which occurs with explorative surgery. In addition, the inner lumen of the vessel is very sensitive and bright. The platelet aggregation (clot formation) that occurs as a result of this lumen being drawn with a wire occurs very quickly and becomes more severe in a short time, even though it appears to be opened.
  •  Buerger's disease distal kan akımı olmadığı için ve hastalar genç olduğu için kısa sürede ince yan dallar(kollateraller)  oluşarak ayağı besleme yoluna gider. Fakat bu ince dalların akımı stres, soğuk, ağrı vb durumlarda kasılarak (vazokonstrüksiyon) akımı azaltır ve ağrı artışına neden olur. İşte bu ince çaplı damarları kasan sempatik sinir aktivitesi  denen sistemdir. Bu sempatik aktivitenin  ortadan kaldırılmasıyla (sempatektomi)  özellikle de ileri dönemlerde ağrı azalarak yara iyileşmesi başlar. Bu ameliyatın hastaya herhangi bir zararı olmadığı gibi  %80-85 oranında fayda sağlamaktadır. Maalesef  yanlış bilenler veya bilmeyenleri anlattığı gibi kasıktan yapılmaz, batın yan duvarından minimal invazif teknikle sempatik zincir ve ganglionlar çıkarılır, ayrıca çıkarıldığı bölgede hiçbir sinir yapısı yoktur, yani yanlışlıkla herhangi bir sinir hasar görmez…
  • It is absolutely impossible for oral medications and antibiotics to reach diseased tissues that have no blood flow. For this reason, patients state that medications do not help at all and painkillers do not work. It is possible to relieve ischemic pain only from the central nervous system. These narcotic analgesics are also subject to prescription.
  • Pressurized oxygen therapy to an open wound performed out of desperation may increase tissue damage and does not benefit healing.

In light of all this information Buerger's disease It is very important to consciously find the undamaged and correct ones without delay. If a suitable place is found during exploration, the risk of amputation decreases or the level decreases after bypass or lumbar sympathectomy treatment.