Mitral Valve Diseases and Treatment

Mitral valve surgery; It is usually performed due to insufficiency or calcification of the valve that is congenital, develops due to inflammatory diseases that develop in childhood, or occurs in adulthood.

mitral valve surgeryIf the mitral valve, one of the four valves in the heart, does not close completely or leaks backwards, it can damage the heart and lungs. Mitral valve diseases, which do not cause many symptoms in the initial stages, may cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and easy fatigue in the later stages. Treatment of mitral valve diseases can be performed with non-surgical treatments in the initial phase. Medication treatment and changes in the patient's diet may be sufficient in some cases. However, surgery is required in advanced mitral valve diseases.

Mitral valve surgery can be performed with heart valve replacement or repair, depending on the degree of deformation in the valve.

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