Should Closed Heart Surgery Be Preferred?

Heart surgery When we are told that we need to have surgery, we rightfully do not want to have surgery first. This is the first reaction that occurs as a result of fear. We start researching "How can I get over it without surgery?" and start going from doctor to doctor. At this stage, we feel like we are reborn when one of the doctors says, "You don't need surgery." We are constantly attached to that doctor, both materially and spiritually. We understand the truth when our complaints increase and we apply to another hospital, but as a result of the delay, the heart has enlarged, failure has begun and our risk of surgery has increased significantly.

Here is a picture we unfortunately encounter frequently…..

in recent years closed heart surgery A so-called method is being pursued, but it is not even known what it actually is. Our people cut the frontal bone of the chest open heart surgery Known as. This information pollution, which is actually very wrong, also brings about mistakes in choices. However, the truth of the matter is very different...

How is Closed Heart Surgery Performed?

Heart valve surgeries All procedures performed for the heart are within the heart and cannot be done without stopping the heart. So, regardless of the entry method, it is open heart surgery. Any information other than this is false and wrong.

Only in heart valve surgeries, minimally invasive techniques are used due to their advantages such as aesthetics, early recovery, and quick return to work life. These techniques are not just armpit heart surgery and are different for each patient... If the patient is 70 or older, has chronic or acute lung disease, aortic and mitral valve disease coexist, and in cases where both valves are intervened, armpit surgery is performed. heart surgery The attempt causes great harm to the patient and can cause heart failure and respiratory problems to worsen, leading to death. Therefore, minimally invasive techniques should be applied to the front of the chest in these patients.

In fact, the procedure is the same regardless of where the surgical entry site is. It should only be decided which one is suitable for the patient. The patient's risks during surgery are conditions such as heart failure, high lung blood pressure, which we call pulmonary artery pressure, and chronic lung disease. If the physician has scientific experience in minimally invasive techniques, he will evaluate the patient very well and explain the facts in detail.

Let's not forget that the surgical entry site does not kill the patient; only if there are additional heart and lung diseases and risks, improper surgery will cause harm. ” Closed Heart Surgery You can find different information about the surgery by reading our article titled ".

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Hello doctor, my mother is 57 years old, she was born with a heart defect and the heart vessels are reversed, there is a hole in the heart, there is an arrhythmia, one of the valves is missing too much and they said it cannot be operated on, she has become very sick these days, her lungs are constantly collecting water, we go to the emergency room every 2 days and have the water removed, she cannot eat, she cannot drink water again in the morning. He went to another doctor. The doctor says there are too many leaks and this is what causes her tiredness and fatigue. My question is, if my mother's valve is changed, wouldn't she be relieved? At least she can sleep and drink comfortably, please write a CV.

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