What are the symptoms of Buerger's disease?

Let's answer the question of what Buerger's disease is, before moving on to the symptoms of Buerger's disease. It occurs as a result of blockage or damage to small and medium-sized arteries. Due to the blockages that occur, the symptoms of Buerger's disease begin to appear. Buerger's disease, which is more common in young men and smokers, causes serious consequences, including gangrene in the fingers and toes. Care should be taken.

Buerger's disease is a disease that is more common in young male smokers and occurs due to the allergy of the vascular walls to cigarettes. Although symptoms of Buerger's disease appear with mild symptoms in the early stages, if the disease progresses, it causes serious health problems that can lead to gangrene.

Buerger's disease symptoms

Symptoms of Buerger disease are as follows:

  • Wounds that occur when cutting fingernails and toenails do not close,
  • Feeling very cold and cold in the feet during the winter months,
  • Bruising on fingers,
  • Open wounds become infected,
  • Loss of foot hair,
  • Rash on nails
  • Not feeling the warmth when your feet are placed in a warm place

For the diagnosis of Buerger disease, patients undergo computerized tomography. If the diagnosis is made, the first thing for treatment is for patients to quit smoking and not to be in places where there is cigarette smoke. Treatment success decreases significantly in patients who continue to smoke. Buerger's disease treatment ise sempatektomi adı verilen ameliyat ile yapılır. Kasları kasan sinir hücrelerinin çıkarılmasıyla damarların daralması önlenir ve hasta ameliyattan %70-80 oranında fayda sağlar.

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