What is a Heart Tumor?

Cardiac tumor refers to heart tumors that consist of cells that grow excessively and uncontrollably. These tumors can be benign, called benign, or malignant, called malignant. In addition, tumors originating from the heart's own structure are called primary heart tumors, and heart tumors that arise in other parts of the body and spread to the heart are called secondary heart tumors. Secondary heart tumors are more common heart cancers than primary heart tumors.

Myxoma is one of the primary cardiac tumors that occur in the heart's own structure. Myxomas, which are generally seen in the left atrium, can hold the mitral valve and cause this valve to close. Apart from this, tumors called apillary fibroelastoma, fibroma, rhabdomyoma, hemangioma, teratoma, lipoma, and paraganglioma are among the primary heart tumors. Although these are known to be benign, they can affect the heart like malignant tumors. Secondary heart tumors are generally seen as a result of cancers in other regions, such as lung cancer and stomach cancer, spreading and reaching the heart, and they negatively affect the functioning of the heart.


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