What is Buerger's Disease?

It is a rare vascular disease that occurs in the peripheral arteries (small arteries in the limbs). Buerger's disease It causes blood flow to be blocked as a result of inflammation of the vessels. The exact cause is not clearly known. However, it has been closely associated with smoking. Smoking increases the risk of the disease and can exacerbate symptoms. Therefore, people diagnosed with the disease are advised to quit smoking.

Buerger's Disease Symptoms

What is Buerger's Disease?The most obvious symptom of the disease is pain. Severe pain occurs especially in the hands and feet. Pain may occur with movement or rest. There may be a feeling of coldness or numbness in the limbs. It is caused by decreased blood flow. The hands and feet may become swollen, which may be caused by restricted blood flow due to narrowing of the blood vessels. Discoloration of the limbs is a common finding in people with the disease.

Especially in cold weather or under stress, the fingers may turn bluish or purple. Insufficient blood flow may increase the risk of skin ulcers (sores) or gangrene (death of tissues). Wounds often have difficulty healing. Impaired blood flow can lead to muscle weakness and even paralysis. Buerger's disease People with this disease may have inflammation in their veins.

Buerger's Disease Risk Factors

It is associated with smoking as the strongest risk factor. People who smoke are more likely to develop the disease, and smoking can accelerate the progression of the disease. It is generally more common in men. However, women can also get this disease. It occurs most often in young adults between the ages of 20 and 40. Family history may increase the risk of developing the disease.

It is more common in some geographical regions, especially in the Middle East, Asia and Mediterranean countries. Some studies suggest that the use of birth control pills may also cause this disease. Other factors such as infections Buerger's disease plays a role in its development. However, more research is needed on this subject.

Buerger's Disease Treatment Methods

What is Buerger's Disease?

Patients who smoke must definitely quit smoking before starting treatment. Continuing to smoke may cause the disease to progress. Some medications can be used to relieve symptoms and slow the disease. These medications are used to reduce pain, control vascular inflammation, and improve blood flow. Medications may vary depending on the patient's condition.

Some methods can be used to increase blood flow in the treatment of the disease. Methods may include drug treatments, thrombectomy and endovascular surgery. Physical therapy can offer exercises that increase blood circulation to people with the disease. Rehabilitation programs can also be applied. When the disease progresses, amputation may be necessary due to gangrene or complete death of tissues.

Buerger's disease treatment methods It is specific to each patient's situation. Therefore, a patient's treatment methods and process are determined by taking into account the stage of the disease and the severity of its symptoms. If you have or are concerned about the disease, it is important to see a healthcare professional. The healthcare professional will make an accurate diagnosis and guide you by recommending appropriate treatment options. You can contact us for detailed information about treatment methods.