What is a Heart Murmur?

Heart murmur is used to express the sounds that occur as a result of disruption of blood flow while circulating in the heart. Under normal conditions, such sounds do not occur when blood flows healthily in the heart. However, in some cases, these murmurs heard in the heart; It may indicate heart holes, heart valve diseases or some problems in the heart vessels.

Heart murmur is one of the common problems, especially in infancy and childhood. This point should be examined in detail by a cardiologist and the necessary examinations and analyzes should be performed. It should be investigated whether there is an underlying heart disease.

How Many Types of Heart Murmur Are There?

The sound the doctor hears during the examination is called a heart murmur. This cause, which is heard in children or babies, needs to be investigated by experts. Murmur is divided into two; They are in the form of innocent murmurs and pathological murmurs.
Horizon in the Heart

What is a Pathological Murmur?

It is the problem of valve insufficiency or stenosis that is heard more loudly during the examination of the baby or child, depending on the place where the sound is heard and the intensity of the sound. There may be conditions such as stenosis or a hole in the heart.

What is Innocent Murmur?

Heart murmurs are common, especially in childhood. Even though children's hearts are normal, the sound heard due to reasons such as the vibration of the fibrous bands within them is called heart murmur. There is no disease in these sounds.

The types of murmurs heard are divided into three;

Diastolic murmurs: They are heard during relaxation of the heart. They are low frequency.

Continuous murmurs: They are heard during both contraction and relaxation of the heart.

Systolic murmurs: They are heard during heart contraction.

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