How Does the Heart Work?

The main function of the heart is to clean the dirty blood coming from different parts of the body with oxygen and to pump the cleaned blood back to the body. Cells in different parts of the body receive their nutrition and the oxygen they need from the clean blood that reaches them.

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Each part within the heart works in a specific order and order. Therefore, it has a structure that works with a heart system. Dirty blood reaching the heart first reaches the right atrium. Then, the blood passing through the tricuspid valve comes to the right ventricle. The blood from the right ventricle passes through the pulmonary valve and reaches the lungs. The blood cleaned with oxygen in the lungs first comes to the left atrium. Then, the blood passing through the mitral valve reaches the left ventricle. The blood then passes through the aortic valve and spreads throughout the body. These valves control the flow of blood in the correct direction. The work of the heart is two-way. What is meant here is that, on the one hand, the dirty blood in the right ventricle is sent to the lungs, while on the other hand, the oxygenated blood in the left ventricle is sent to the whole body via the aorta. The processes carried out during the functioning of the heart occur in a very short time, in a certain order, in order and harmony.