Difference Between Heart Valve Repair and Heart Valve Replacement

Heart valve diseases are among the most common heart diseases. Treatment methods for heart valve stenosis and insufficiency diseases that occur in the mitral valve, aortic valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonary valve in the heart may vary depending on the condition of the disease, such as heart valve repair and heart valve replacement.Symptoms of mitral valve insufficiency

Heart valve repair surgeries are surgically more difficult and require knowledge and experience compared to heart valve replacement surgeries. If the disease can be corrected by repairing the heart valve, valve repair should definitely be preferred. Considering the issues that need to be taken into account for the introduction of an artificial valve into the body, the body getting used to it and its proper functioning, it is better for the patient to live with his own heart valve.

After heart valve repair, the patient does not need to use blood thinners for life, as is the case with valve replacement. Some complications such as infection that may occur after valve replacement are eliminated by valve repair. In this way, the patient can continue his life more comfortably.

Heart valve repair is not possible in every case. If the disease is advanced and repair is not possible, heart valve replacement becomes necessary. In such cases, heart valve replacement surgeries are performed successfully and the disease is treated. Therefore, the most important point here is; It is important to diagnose heart valve diseases at an early stage and apply the necessary treatment. Heart valve repair and replacement surgeries should be performed in appropriate hands by specialist physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field.