Ways to Prevent Heart Attack

Heart attack is among the top causes of death in the world. Especially if the mother or father has had a genetic heart attack, has had surgery before, or has a blockage in the heart vessels, the person must have himself examined. The first way to prevent this is to be examined when suspected. For this purpose, a stress test can be performed, as well as examinations that show the nourished areas of the heart, mostly in nuclear medicine today.

While an ultrasound of the heart, called echocardiography, can be performed, the real clear and definitive proof is the examination called coronary angiography. Nowadays, it is an examination that can be easily performed in both the groin and the arm and the patient can be discharged very quickly. After coronary angiography, it is revealed whether there is an obstruction in the vessels or not.

In order to prevent heart attack, the first people who should be careful before starting heavy sports, especially those over the age of 40, if they have not done sports before or if they have stopped doing sports before, if their mother, father or grandfather have a history of heart attack, are the people in this group. People in this group should definitely have their heart checked and, if necessary, coronary angiography.