What are the symptoms of heart valve failure?

When heart valve failure or leakage occurs, patients experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing while walking, palpitations, and difficulty in exertion. However, the problem of shortness of breath increases at night and may wake patients from sleep. Heart failure or heart valve leakage problem can now be treated with minimally invasive methods.

heart failure symptoms

Symptoms of heart valve failure may vary depending on the level of problem in the valve. However, the patient's age and other diseases may also cause the symptoms caused by heart valve failure to be felt more.

Heart Valve Failure Treatment

In order to treat the insufficiency problem occurring in the aortic, mitral, triscuspid and pulmonary valves, the patient must first be examined and examined in detail. After examinations and checks, treatment is performed with heart valve repair or heart valve replacement. The method of treatment will be decided by the cardiovascular surgeon, depending on the age of the patient and the degree of insufficiency.

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