What is Life Like After Closed Heart Surgery?

After heart surgery performed with minimally invasive surgery, patients move more easily and the risk of postoperative complications is low. Since the chest cavity is not cut, the patient does not experience psychological depression or trauma due to the surgical wound.

After minimally invasive heart surgery performed through small incisions under the armpit or near the breast, patients do not need to change their sleeping positions, avoid wearing seat belts, or protect their chest areas.

What is Life Like After Closed Heart Surgery?Things to Consider After Closed Heart Surgery

After minimally invasive heart surgery, it is important for patients to be checked by a doctor at regular intervals. In addition, correct and regular use of the medications prescribed to the patient is essential. If patients skip check-ups or do not use medications as recommended, it may cause heart problems.

Closed heart surgery operations provide the patient with both psychological, social and physical comfort. Often patients do not even notice their own surgical scars. This eliminates the negative effects that surgery may have.

He has been working on minimally invasive methods for many years and has scientific studies on this subject. cardiovascular surgery specialistsIt facilitates the patient's treatment by minimizing the risk of complications that may occur during and after surgery.