What Happens If I Don't Have Heart Valve Surgery?

For heart valve-related problems, many patients postpone surgery and avoid surgery. In the early stages, medication etc. Surgical treatment may be necessary in the future for heart valve diseases that can be kept under control with other methods.

Mitral valve replacement surgeryInsufficiency or stenosis problems are more common, especially in mitral or aortic valve diseases. If heart valve diseases progress, surgical treatment is very important. If patients avoid surgery, this will cause the problem in the valve to increase and the risk of surgery may increase as time progresses.

The success rate of heart valve surgeries performed with minimally invasive surgery is quite high. The risk is very low, especially in surgeries performed by doctors who have been working in this field for many years and have performed many heart valve surgeries. Therefore, patients with heart valve problems do not need to fear surgery.

Postponing the surgery and avoiding treatment for patients leads to more risky situations, and performing the surgery late may cause the situation to become risky.

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  • Jonquil

    July 19, 2022 at 12:29 am

    Hello doctor, my mother has severe valve insufficiency. We took her to Bingür Sönmez doctor. After the breathing test, he said that she shouldn't have surgery. If it were my mother, she wouldn't have it. We were very confused about what would await us if we didn't have the surgery. We were desperate, what would you suggest?


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