What is Tetralogy of Fallot?

Tetralogy of Fallot, also known as blue baby disease, is a congenital heart disease in which different heart diseases occur together. These diseases seen in the heart; It can be classified as a heart hole between the right and left ventricles, stenosis in the pulmonary artery that carries dirty blood or at the outlet of this vein, thickening of the right ventricular wall and the absence of the main aortic artery where it should be, and the mixing of clean and dirty blood coming from the ventricles in this vein.

The main symptom of tetralogy of Fallot in children is bruising. It manifests itself immediately after birth or in the later stages. It is not a situation that goes away on its own.
Treatment of tetralogy of Fallot is successfully carried out by surgical intervention. The important thing here is to determine the appropriate time. Generally, full correction surgeries are performed under the age of 1, allowing the patient to continue his life with a healthy functioning heart.
After tetralogy of Fallot surgery, the patient is checked regularly.

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