When is Coronary Bypass Done?

The imaging procedure performed to detect problems such as stenosis, blockage or hardening in the coronary vessels feeding the heart is called coronary angiography. It is performed using local anesthesia. During this procedure, a catheter is accessed from the groin or arm area and the veins are visualized. Appropriate treatments are decided after coronary angiography in line with patient complaints and examination findings.

coronary angiography

Why is Coronary Bypass Done?

  • If the patient has complaints suggesting cardiovascular disease,
  • In case there are findings suggestive of cardiovascular disease in exercise test, echocardiography, heart scintigraphy examinations,
  • In case of arrhythmia and heart failure,
  • In patients who have had a heart attack

After coronary angiography, cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed and treatment is decided accordingly. It is decided whether coronary angiography will be performed from the arm or the groin, depending on the patient's condition and the procedure to be performed.

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