Armpit Heart Surgery Prices

Armpit Heart Surgery Prices

Armpit heart surgery is performed by entering between the ribs through a small incision in the right armpit, without cutting any bones or muscles, or opening the frontal sternum. Applied by Cardiovascular Surgeons armpit heart surgery prices It is wondered by heart valve patients and patients requiring heart valve repair. Axillary heart surgery prices varies depending on various factors. Armpit heart surgery, performed on young and old patients by specialist physicians, offers many advantages.  

Armpit Heart Surgery Prices

Armpit heart surgery is one of the surgical treatment methods frequently applied to patients with heart valves and heart holes due to the advantages it offers. Among closed heart surgeries, the patient; mitral valve surgerySurgical treatment methods such as aortic valve surgery, tricuspid valve surgery, pulmonary valve surgery can be performed. Many patients and heart surgeons perform armpit heart surgery due to the comfort and short recovery period provided by armpit heart surgery. For this reason, many patients and their relatives armpit heart surgery prices Conducts research on. Axillary heart surgery prices may vary depending on the experience of the physician who will perform the surgery. patients armpit heart surgery prices In order to get detailed and accurate information about the subject, it is necessary to meet with the relevant people.

How is Armpit Heart Surgery Performed?

Armpit Heart Surgery Prices

Armpit heart surgery, medically known as mesh anterolateral mini-thoracotomy, involves heart valve repair or heart valve replacement without cutting muscle and bone. The surgery is performed by cardiovascular surgeons through a 4 or 5 centimeter incision under the armpit. The difference between axillary heart surgery and classical heart surgery performed through open surgery is the access method. In the classical method of heart surgery, the front wall of the chest (wall of faith) is cut. In axillary heart surgery, no muscle or bone is cut, so the patient's recovery process is faster.

Armpit Heart Surgery Method

In armpit heart surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery, a skin incision is made parallel to the breast line. The location of these incisions may vary depending on the disease. After this incision is made, the ribs are entered and the heart valve is reached. The surgery is completed after the necessary interventions are performed on the patient by a specialist cardiovascular surgeon. After the surgery, the patient stays in the hospital under the supervision of a physician for a certain period of time.

How Many Hours Does Armpit Heart Surgery Take?

Axillary heart surgery generally takes 1.5 – 2 hours. This period may vary depending on the experience of the physician performing the surgery or the disease of the patient. In addition, the patient's general health condition and age also affect the duration of axillary heart surgery. Depending on the patient's discomfort during the surgery, the incisions can be made in the armpit or on the side of the chest. The patient's recovery period after armpit heart surgery performed with minimally invasive methods is faster because no muscle or bone is cut. Additionally, patients' risk of infection is very low.

Who Can Have Armpit Heart Surgery?

Armpit Heart Surgery Prices

Armpit heart surgery, which can be performed on almost everyone, is suitable for young patients, especially patients with risk factors such as obesity, diabetes and heart failure. It can also be easily performed for mitral and tricuspid valves in older patients. Patients who will undergo armpit heart surgery, also known as low-risk heart surgery, must first be examined by a specialist cardiovascular surgeon. Depending on the results of the examinations performed on the patient, the surgical treatment process begins.

What are the Advantages of Armpit Heart Surgery?

many patients armpit heart surgery prices Many people are also curious about the advantages of armpit heart surgery. Axillary heart surgery is frequently preferred by physicians due to the advantages it offers. Armpit heart surgery, which is performed without cutting any bones or muscles, differs from the classical heart surgery in that it is performed by cutting the front wall of the chest.

Since no bone or muscle is cut, the patient recovers faster after surgery, and the patient's stay in intensive care and hospital is shorter than the more classical method of heart surgery. The patient experiences less pain after surgery. The patient's postoperative wound heals faster. Since the patient's breastbone is not cut during the surgery, there is no risk of this bone opening and therefore the risk of infection is low. After axillary heart surgery, the patient can use his arms comfortably. In addition, axillary heart surgery offers better cosmetic results.  

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