Can Heart Patients Fast?

A question we encounter every year is can heart patients fast? We tried to give a short and concise answer to the question for you. First of all, if our heart patient has such a request, he must make this decision with the approval of his doctor. There will definitely be risks associated with fasting with advancing age. Therefore, in cases where heart disease and fasting are combined We can list the risks we encounter most frequently as follows:

  •  In cases of heart failure caused by reasons such as infarction due to occlusion of the coronary arteries, heart enlargement as a result of high blood pressure that has not been properly treated for years, tiring the heart muscle, heart valve diseases that have not been treated in time or heart muscle disease, patients cannot fast even if they take medication.
  •  People with heart failure experience excessive salt and water losses during fasting due to the effects of the medications they use. This may cause fainting or even shock.
  •  During iftar, the body is overloaded with water and salt, causing the heart, which already has limited pumping power, to overwork.
  •  Bunun dışında hızlı ve bol yemek yemek, sindirim mide bağırsak sisteminde kan dolaşım hızlandıracağından, kalbe %20 ek yük getirir. Bu yüklenme de kalp yetersizliğine yol açabilir.

The risks faced by heart patients may be increased due to the fasting we have mentioned. Therefore, such decisions should be made under the supervision of a doctor.

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