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Prof. said that patients may lose their chance of surgery by avoiding closed surgeries. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul talks about the conveniences of minimally invasive heart surgery.

What you don't know about closed bypass surgeries

When we hear about Heart Surgery, we all get scared and look for ways to escape. They are such remedies that sometimes we go from doctor to doctor and hope that someone will say, "You don't need surgery." In fact, every day we avoid it, the risk increases a little more and we may lose the chance of surgery. However, "How can I get through this surgery more easily?" It is the best attitude to engage in research because; In recent years, what we call minimally invasive heart surgery has made it possible to perform these surgeries by minimizing the area and without using a heart-lung machine, that is, without stopping the heart. So, what advantages does this provide?

closed bypass surgeriesReduction of surgical trauma and blood loss

Not opening the frontal bone of the chest or not opening it at all provides great comfort for the patient. It is like the difference between a needle sticking and a big nail sticking. Since the opened area is very small, bleeding will be less. Additionally, postoperative pain is reduced.

Quick recovery and early discharge

The small wound heals quickly, especially if there is no bone or muscle incision. The patient can stand up early. He can lie down and turn over in any position he wants in bed. He can meet his daily needs using his hands and arms. He can wear his seat belt and does not have to avoid a blow to his chest.

Better cosmetic appearance

In these surgeries performed under the armpit, under the breast or under the breast, the patient may not even be able to see the surgery site. Within a month, the procedure site becomes unclear. It is especially preferred by young people, women and children.

Preventing sexual and social problems

In open heart surgeries, where the heart is stopped and the sternum is cut from beginning to end, many organs, especially the brain and heart, are affected by the heart-lung pump. Post-surgery hair loss, personality changes, sexual reluctance and dysfunction may occur. In addition, sexual intercourse until the frontal bone of the chest is fused. is banned. However, none of these problems occur in aesthetic surgeries performed while the heart is working. The patient returns to normal performance in a short time.

Low risk of infection

The immune system is not damaged, the blood is not subjected to mechanical trauma and the blood cells remain intact. As a result of all this, the risk of infection and inflammation of the intervention site is very rare.

Reduced brain, kidney and lung complications

When a heart-lung pump is not used, blood cells are not affected and complications such as brain damage, stroke, or kidney failure do not occur.
Due to these advantages, they are the most preferred surgical techniques today.

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Prof. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul

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