Renewed life with heart valve replacement – 11.9.2017

Mr. Necmi, who learned that he had stenosis in his heart valve after his stroke, can now walk without a cane as a result of the surgery.

Mr. Necmi, who was paralyzed 3 years ago, learned that he had stenosis in his heart valve due to the rheumatic disease he had as a child. Mr. Necmi, who lost his ability to walk and had difficulty speaking after the stroke, was told that he could not undergo surgery. But Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Mr. Necmi, who met Yavuz Beşoğul and underwent minimally invasive surgery, can now walk without a cane as a result of the successful surgery.


Speaking about the satisfactory results obtained after the surgery, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul said, “When we evaluated Necmi Bey's situation, we realized that he was living with a “ticking time bomb”, so to speak. There was a risk of clotting at any moment. If this scenario were to occur, we would be faced with a situation that would be difficult to reverse. For this reason, we took our patient into surgery. The fact that the patient was paralyzed made the situation a little difficult. We knew that if the surgery was performed by cutting the rib cage, the healing process of the rib would take up to 6 weeks. The realization of this possibility could have caused the physical therapy to be interrupted and the paralysis to progress. "In light of all this information, we replaced the heart valve by making a small 5 cm incision in the patient's armpit with a minimally invasive method." said.


He researched on the internet to help his father regain his health and Prof. Dr. Esra Günal, who found Yavuz Beşoğul on the internet, said, “We consulted many doctors for my father's treatment. The risk of the operation caused us to receive negative answers on this issue. Then I found Yavuz Hodja's name on the internet. I did detailed research on him. I even interviewed his former patients. After receiving positive comments, I contacted him online. He put me at ease with his speech and I felt like I could trust him about my father's surgery. Thank goodness the surgery went well. "It is an incredible happiness for us to see my father regained his health now." said.


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