Leg Vascular Occlusion Surgery

Non-surgical solutions are also offered to the patient for leg vein occlusion, which manifests itself as artery occlusion. If this vascular occlusion affects a small area, results can be obtained with procedures such as balloon or stent. For example, if it affects a long area, such as the area from the groin to the knee, the vascular occlusion can be treated with bypass surgery. It is important to intervene in the losses and damages that may occur in the leg due to vascular occlusion. During bypass surgery, the patient is usually awake and local anesthesia is preferred, depending on the doctor's preference. Information about the procedures can be transferred to the patient who is awake during the operation.

Surgery Duration
2-4 hours
Recovery Time
6-12 Months
Discharge Time
5-7 Days

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Prof. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul

Arterial occlusions in the legs, which we call leg vascular occlusions, also show symptoms similar to cardiovascular occlusions. Family reasons, diabetes, smoking, high blood fat and cholesterol, and vascular inflammation are among the most common symptoms. These symptoms can usually manifest themselves as pain in the area between the calf, lower leg, knee and foot. Additionally, non-pain factors such as paleness and coldness in the leg may also occur. Foot vein occlusion is sometimes seen as cramping and pain in the lower leg after walking a certain distance. These symptoms, which disappear after resting, may occur again when the same distance is walked, giving symptoms of leg vein occlusion. Non-healing foot wounds can also be generally shown as symptoms of foot vein occlusion.

After Foot Vascular Occlusion Surgery

If the patient smokes after foot vein occlusion surgery, the first step for the entire treatment is to quit smoking. The patient should be followed up regularly, along with medications such as blood thinners and vasodilators that are recommended to be used after surgery.

Foot Vascular Occlusion Exercises

Walking is one of the exercises that can prevent or regulate leg pain and can be easily adapted to daily life. Being able to walk at a light and moderate pace for at least half an hour a day will positively affect your health standard.

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