Heart Hole (ASD) in Children and Adults

ASD, or atrial septum defect, is a hole in the wall between the upper chambers of the heart. ASD, which occurs due to congenital reasons, may close spontaneously in infancy or early childhood. However, if ASD does not close and continues for a long time, it damages the heart and lungs.

asd symptoms

ASD does not usually cause any symptoms in children. However, with advancing age, symptoms such as heart palpitations, murmurs, and leg and abdominal swelling may occur. Although ASD is a disease that usually begins to show symptoms after the age of 30, it can cause murmurs in children and it can be determined that the child has ASD after examination and tests.

ASD in adults is usually discovered incidentally during different tests. ASD, which causes right-sided heart failure, heart rhythm abnormalities and an increased risk of stroke, can be treated using minimally invasive surgical methods.


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