Can a Patient Who Had a Heart Surgery Have a Heart Surgery Again?

Patients who have had heart surgery before, patients who have had heart surgery twice before, may undergo surgery for the 3rd or sometimes 4th time. Depending on the surgery performed, it may be heart valve surgery or bypass surgery, whichever the second surgery is, it definitely carries a risk. Generally preferred in these surgeries are the techniques that can be performed sometimes under the armpit and sometimes under the breast, with minimally invasive surgery, without opening the old surgery site as much as possible. So minimally invasive surgery reduces the risk somewhat. Because once the surgery is performed, the open area of the heart forms advanced adhesions. These adhesions may be completely adhered to the frontal bone of the chest, that is, to the board of faith, or sometimes even the vessels of the bypass may adhere to the bone. Regardless of which surgery is performed for the second time, it is very important that the surgeon is experienced, careful and takes everything into account. When all these are taken into account, the risk is further reduced, especially for surgeons who apply minimally invasive surgical techniques. Of course, patients who undergo surgery for the second time should not despair, they should definitely do very thorough research. They should be confident in themselves and remember that even if there is no major damage to the heart, they can easily survive the second surgery with a risk of sometimes 3 percent.

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