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Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. explains the unknowns about heart diseases. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul talked about the treatments applied to these diseases.

Coronary Heart Diseases

It still ranks first among the causes of death in the world. Today, it is the cause of death even at young ages. Especially patients with a family history of heart attack are candidates for heart attack if they also have risk factors (smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, over 65 years of age). The most important cause of coronary artery occlusion, which causes heart attack, is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the coronary vessels that feed the heart. At very young ages, the cause is a clot reaching the coronary arteries and suddenly blocking them. Coronary angiography facilitates diagnosis and directs the treatment.

In treatment;

1. Balloon angioplasty and stent (expansion and steel wire placement)

2. Surgical Bypass: Depending on the number and location of the vessels, nowadays we can perform bypass operations on the working heart with very small incisions. Thus, many advantages are provided to the patient (Low bleeding and minor surgical trauma, quick recovery and early discharge, no sexual and social problems, no risk of infection, no brain and kidney complications, aesthetic appearance).

3. Hybrid intervention: It is the combination of stent and bypass operation on the functioning heart in patients with a large number of vessels.

Unknown facts about heart diseases - Sabah.com.tr

Heart valve diseases:

It is responsible for %1-2 of all deaths in the world, and the adverse effects of the disease on the heart usually occur after the disease has destroyed the heart. It causes malfunction in the heart valves. The most common cause is rheumatic (in childhood, the body's defense mechanism against a special type of microbes that settle in the throat and cause upper respiratory tract infection goes wrong and damages the heart valves). Shortness of breath and chest palpitations are the main complaints and are generally ignored by patients, especially smokers, who attribute it to smoking. However, if it is delayed, insidious heart enlargement and heart failure occur. An ultrasound of the heart called echocardiography makes the diagnosis. Although complaints are tried to be reduced with some medications, the definitive treatment is surgery. The important point is not to delay the surgical limits. Nowadays, we can perform heart valve surgery on people aged 70 and under with a 5-6 cm incision in the armpit without cutting any bones or muscles. With this method, the covers can be repaired or replaced. This method has many advantages such as quick recovery, early discharge, aesthetic appearance, low risk of infection, quick return to daily life, ability to drive a car and wear a seat belt.

Congenital heart holes:

Generally, ASD (interauricular hole) or PDA (non-closure of the junction between the heart artery and the pulmonary artery) can be detected in older ages. Echocardiography and sometimes angiography taken with complaints of palpitations and shortness of breath make the diagnosis. Small holes can be closed with the umbrella method by entering from the groin, while large ones can be operated on with a 5 cm incision from the armpit.

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Yavuz Beşoğul

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