What is Aortic Coarctation?

Aortic coarctation refers to the narrowing of the aorta, the largest artery in the body. This stenosis can be seen in the parts where the aorta carries blood to the upper and lower parts of the body. These narrowings in the aortic vessel, which consists of 4 parts, are generally seen in the anterior part of the descending part of the aorta and in the last part of the arch.

Aortic coarctation can cause high blood pressure in the heart. However, it can cause the left ventricular muscle of the heart to thicken and if left untreated, the function of the heart muscle may deteriorate. Heart failure may occur as a result of the heart having difficulty pumping blood.

Aortic coarctation is an important disease that must be treated. Depending on the patient's condition, aortic coarctation is successfully treated with balloon-stent applications or surgical intervention.

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