The Effect of Stress on Heart Health

It is an undeniable fact that stress negatively affects heart health. Stress, which occurs excessively in terms of both joy and sadness, negatively affects heart health by causing the adrenaline hormone to be secreted suddenly, heartbeat and breathing to accelerate, and blood pressure to rise. Therefore, due to the increase in the pressure of the blood on the vessels, it may cause the formation or progression of arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis). However, scientific studies have shown that stress can cause heart rhythm disorders and increase the risk of blood clots.

Generally speaking, it can be said that stress is an important risk factor for heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. This risk increases even more if stress is accompanied by smoking, an unbalanced diet and a sedentary life that does not include exercise.

A life as stress-free as possible will help protect heart health. At this point, it is beneficial to get help from a specialist physician when necessary and to have cardiology check-ups to prevent negative consequences that may arise in the future.

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